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FarmLinc Solution



The i-Linc Technologies’ software portal named FarmLinc® was developed to provide farmers the necessary information via a secure access software portal on an Internet based server giving a central access point for all of the data and information collected from the fields including: weather sensors, soil moisture sensors, relative humidity sensors, rain sensors, irrigation flow, and also irrigation control. From the FarmLinc® portal the farmer can also turn on and off irrigation via the Internet and FarmLinc® also provides freeze warnings and other phone alerts.


Wireless Base Station Wireless Sensor Module Weather Station



Our i-Linc Technologies’ wireless sensors, irrigation control systems, weather monitoring systems and video monitoring systems, provide many of the crucial information tools needed to manage different crops, whether it is one or even a number of field locations. Just connect to the Internet with a computer or via our smart phone application for iPhone, Android or Microsoft.
Our soil sensor monitoring and management system connects to the Internet via a local router, or a cellular modem (3G or 4G). Stay connected to your farm whether traveling or at home. Our on-line video camera security provides you with secure access to view your fields or equipment.
Controlling the moisture available to your crops is very important to maximizing the quality and crop production. We also have software for modeling corn, peanuts and other crops that help with decisions. FarmLinc provides the information online and in real-time 24 hours a day.
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