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Welcome To i-Linc Technologies, Inc.
i-Linc Technologies, Inc.  ("i-LINC")  is a growing Atlanta, GA (USA) based company providing turn-key Smart Farming, and Smart Community solutions using Smart Sensors, Wireless Internet, Telemetry, and Portal Software providing decision support software for efficient management of resources.  i-LINC's robust modular, flexible, and scalable portal solutions provide the information necessary to help make intelligent decisions for productivity improvement, efficient resource management, and allow scheduling and control of resources remotely via its patent pending Internet portal solution.

i-LINC's current solutions include:
  •  FarmLinc® - The Smart Farming Solution for Real-time Resource Management  
  • VirtualLincTM - A robust sustainable Infrastructure Solution for a Smart Community  
These innovative turn-key solutions provide real-time web-based remote monitoring of sensors data, and a robust sustainable infrastructure with Wi-Fi Internet and Solar Power for a Smart Community. i-LINC's solutions offer efficient resource management and an intelligent decision support tool for their vital data via Internet anytime, anywhere (24x7) on a desktop computer or a smart mobile device such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or a Windows Phone. We also provide instant weather information via our web portal for real-time rain events, wind speed, direction, relative humidity, temperature and air pressure at any customer location.   

Major benefits of i-LINC's portal solutions are:  
  • Real-time information of key data anytime, anywhere (24x7)
  • Better planning and decision making with actual real-time and historical data
  • Major savings of vital resources such as Water, Energy, Labor, etc.
  • Huge increase in efficiency and productivity with better quality 
  • Multiple locations managed through single web based user interface, and
  • A sustainable high-speed Internet and Power infrastructure for a Smart Community!    


 "Manage Resources Efficiently and Increase Productivity


with i-LINC's Turn-key Solutions"

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